Good Boy

by Donut Worry

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released June 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Donut Worry Michigan

i make trash music that sounds horrible.

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Track Name: fight me
there's no fight left in this body of mine i am look for something to get me through the night. a handshake or a smile or a call from someone i hate i'd take anything to make sure i wake up the next day. there's no fight left in this body of mine i have listened to the waves in the ocean at night. they get the loudest when i'm trying to sleep god or the moon or you are angry at me. there's no fight left in this body of mine i've done the pushups and the protein and kept god on my side. but nothing looks any different when the night sky turns to day when i think the sun's gonna rise everything just turns to gray. there's no fight left in this body of mine so someone beat the shit out of me i swear i'll be just fine. your punches will go right through me and i'll get nutrients from them i'm not looking for some conflict i am looking for The End.
Track Name: hello, the police
i'll kill your family i'll kill your kids too and when the light leaves their eyes i'll pretend that they are mine and you'll be the last, you'll be the last one to die. the bar i get drunk at every weekend, it's been there since 1896 i'll burn it down i'll blow it down like it's made of fucking sticks. all the cops do coke in the bar in a room upstairs and cheat on their wives i swear they do and if i had my say, you'd hear all this shit in the news. i'm gonna leave this town and move to africa with my shiny brand new set of twins and then you'll all have to repent for your sins. i'm gonna drink so much i won't even see my feet and i'm gonna drive even though i'm not allowed and i'll keep going until my car runs right out i'll kill my family i'll kill all my kids too and when the light leaves their eyes i'll just pretend that they're not mine but you'll be the last (you're always the last) one to die.
Track Name: bring a knife
i saw a man screaming "look at the horror"
he was pointing at the street... that i was standing on
i saw a man cut the head off of a chicken
he was acting real fatherly... you could see it in his eyes
nothing feels safe but if we go out tonight
we could bring a knife

i know sometimes you feel like a black hole shaped like everything you hate, and no matter how many hard drugs you snort off of coffee table books with titles like The Fall of Democracy, everything feels the same
& nothing feels safe, so if we go out tonight, we could bring a knife.

lonely nights got you feeling like a sex fiend, and you can hear it in the way you talk. your words are slurred, but you're too high to use your cock. we've got no options left. i said, "we've got nothing left." we spent all our money covering last month's rent.
& nothing feels safe, so if we go out tonight, we could bring a knife.

there's old men on the internet. there are liars and politicians. there are the phone calls you get in the morning when we're making coffee in the kitchen. there's a man pushing papers trying to declare us all insane... i think there's poison in the rain.
& nothing feels safe, so if we go out tonight, we could bring a knife.

it's getting harder to stay alive
let's tuck our lovers in at night
Track Name: trash mountain
the hand that shakes and sweats is not your own
you're not good (you're not a good man, etc.) that's the question, and you don't know
so you're staring in the mirror
saying, "I will not be upset about this,"
but it takes a few minutes for everything to digest
because you're a man of dreams, a man of impossible sex
but there's the question. again. he's already asleep in your bed.
and when you look out the window, you come back with nothing to show,
but you swear to god, looks like the birds are too drunk to fly home

it's not the taste. it's not the smell. it's just nausea, simple & well.
you're passing out every night and calling it Self Help
there's violence in the stillness of this new trailer park
with the mountain made of trash that sits real still in the dark
you see the people turning ugly running into their front yards
hanging each successive neighbor for the markings on their cars
well you could hold yourself alone, you could say you're doing well
but beneath trash mountain.... it's the worst you've ever felt

change is coming for yr blood

well fuck! it feels good to breathe in that air
it's full of get well cards, mounting despair,
the teeth from the dentist, the fascist's fucking hair
and the eyes on the packages that stare and stare
with 100,000 witnesses, i am here on my knees,
with twin cum condoms as my offering
"i would make a home right here, and i would never leave
god i want to be happy"

make me love make me sweet make me kind
make something out of all the little somethings that we find
the years come sooner every time
it's really just a crime to be alive
make me home make me fine make me yours
this mountain made of trash at your front door

i can't ask for more.
Track Name: ramblin'
i've been ramblin around this state
got cum on my shirt
a smile on face
i've been ramblin around this state

prometheus gave fire to man
sometimes i use it
to cook food when i can
prometheus gave fire to man

i haven't done my laundry in weeks
i dunno about you
but i don't feel too free
i haven't done my laundry in weeks

and i don't know where i'm going, but i'm going. yes, i am, yes, i am, yes i am.

there's water boiling on the stove
my fear of you's
just a fear of being alone
there's water boiling on the stove

i lost the keys to my car
and my lovers, they live,
they live so very far
i lost the keys to my car

we got evicted yesterday
i thought i'd kill myself
'cause i had no place to stay
we got evicted yesterday

and i don't know where i'm going, but i'm going. yes, i am, yes, i am, yes i am.

the devil told me not to look for god
but i saw him with a beer
sittin in my front yard
the devil told me not to look for god

the news finally broke today
out of all the ways it had to end,
the world had to end this way

and i don't know where i'm going, but i'm going. i'm gonna go where to learn where to go. i'm gonna go where to learn where to go.
Track Name: brandon's apartment
dandelion petals talking heavy metal
bark on trees looks like harvey keitel
from that movie we all agreed
we liked one night
in brandon's apartment
underneath incandescent lights
one summer night
in brandon's apartment
Track Name: good boy
take a piss in the atm
you don't give a fuck about them
you're a good boy!!!
you always have been

no matter what you do
i will stand with you
you're a good boy!!!!
now put on those shoes

adam was on acid
we drove him one town over to see the cows
about a mile and a half from my dad's old house
through the roadside trees, you were running to see
i think i saw God in the bending of your knees

like water on your skin
like death to all Americans
you're a good boy!!!
will you be my friend?

in love or in sex
in hope or utter hopelessness
you're a good boy!!!!
i'll love ya 'til the end

when they come
you'll be fuckin with the buttons on your pants
scraping up the change to buy your lubricants
you can ignore the drunken men saying,
"why don't you dance?"
you could stand perfectly still
& still be pure romance

you are forgiven
i could live in your sins
you're a good boy
no matter what happens

think that i'm in Heaven
doesn't matter where or when
you're a good boy
Track Name: neighborhood watch (theme song)
let's meet sometime for coffee
spill it on our laps
tip our waitress thirty percent
and talk about the past

leave my front lawn alone
i know it's gross and overgrown
you can meet me by the mailbox
if you call me on the phone ;)

a home is no place to die
in the city surrounded by life
looks like i pissed off the neighborhood watch
guess they're gonna show me what they've got

you could take me out on the sidewalk and beat me up
i'd let you go until you think i've had enough
with your knuckles all bloody and bruised
i could finally say, "i love you too"

oh the trains in our backyards never stop
what do they carry why don't we talk?
they've been waking me up every night
checking over shoulders on my midnight walk

let's meet sometime for coffee
burn this whole place down
tip the waitress thirty percent
and ride the bus downtown.
Track Name: buildin'
i sense a change coming over the room it's like all the air just turned to glue and nobody moves nobody speaks, we're not used to being free we dropped out of high school & college too we've got jobs but nothing to do i'd split all the blood between you & me from these tiny cuts that bleed & bleed.

all my life, i've been searchin for somethin i've been buildin up somethin strong. all my life, i've been workin on somethin that could right these wrongs.

i had a friend his brother was in jail but he got out his dealer paid his bail he took my friend and taught him out to fight and sent him into cages in the dark of night my friend was good he started winning some cash but he knew his body wouldn't last he went out with a punch to the head i had a friend and now he's dead.

now i'm pissin in a rest stop after a baptism where a priest asked my dad if he'd cast out satan, and he's a man so full of sin that to say yes would've been an act of self destruction well, he said "yes" my brother shook his head he said "i've been having these visions where i stab him in the neck" i said "i have them too when i'm alone in my room let's make a plan and see it through"

i've seen a libertarian fuck a constitution i've seen advertisements for the revolution i got bodies piling up outside of my door and i use them for cover like it's the Civil War i've seen laws written in blood and i have been dirty i've been covered in mud but i went to church!! someone said, "this one's closed," so i guess i'm going to hell or i guess i'll never know

lately... my body can't wake up it thinks i've had enough of this fuckin around and drunk driving around and hiding all my money in the bank downtown i think it's time to take a rest 'cause i can't even finish a fuckin cigarette i'd like to go outside today but the weather or the rats are gonna get in my way

i'm gonna raise a rat big & strong enough to eat the past, gonna feed it all the money i'd have spent on gas with hind legs that could crush a man and teeth as sharp as aluminum cans he'll do vigilante justice in the night no there's no money in these fights no gods to worship or babies to be born just infinite digesting & intestines & war
Track Name: not the enemy
you're not the enemy
no you could never be that big
if you tried
and the effort's making you sick

you're not the enemy
kicking rocks at other rocks